To Emerald Isle, I Go!

It’s been a while since I have blogged about what’s going on and what is not going on about my life. Just got busy over some things and some priorities. Plus, I’m making the biggest leap of my life so far…Moving alone to work in a different country in Europe–in Ireland that is. You see, it’s not been an easy one because I have been on the same place for almost 24 years of my life but I kind of think this change is good because after all, this is one of the things I always wanted in life–to be independent that is. Yes, mom and dad is not paying my rent, bills and car maintenance anymore. LOL.

Anyway, Ireland is really not my first choice of country to work at before. Like, I’ve never even considered it and I can barely remember where it is on the map like seriously. You know, I have planned for Australia, Canada and United States but somehow, my feet landed here for a good reason and for that reason I feel blessed.

Ireland is a small country with a tiny population (not even half of Manila!) but the lifestyle is very ideal if you prefer a serene and peaceful environment. Life here is very simple and I’d say far from the Metro. No pollution, less crowd, less noise–all that yada. Culture-wise, I think Irish people, aside from drinking, is pretty much fond of keeping families together, proven by malls closing early on Sundays to promote family bondings at home. Or maybe, that’s just my thought. Put my two cents in.

So far, I’m enjoying my stay and I have no plans of going somewhere else. I’d say this is the place where all good things would start for me this 2018–new beginnings, adventures and travels.

Stay tuned!


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