The heading says it all.

The name is Theresa   /tə’riːzə/ but known as Yza or Tere for short (fine, for people who call me “There” just like the adverb).

22 years young. Nurse by profession and a little chef at heart. Yes, I cook, and I love every bit of cooking! I’m obsessed with cook books, fancy & colorful treats, baking stuffs and more of the kitchen’s wonder. I like buying fancy cupcake liners for no reason (They’re like the cutest thing ever!) and keep them in jars forever.

I love books, fiction or non-fiction and read them when I’m in the mood. I also write literary stuffs, but most of the time, they just become random thoughts turning into literary shiz.

Shopping is my thing. I love haggling over cheaper trades and visiting mall sales and bazaars. It’s sick. But fun. And yeah, I’ve got my bestfriend all throughout the shopping galore (my boyfriend!).

I’m mostly happy and contented but I still yearn for more adventure. I’m done with school  but I never stopped from learning.

So basically this blog is all about my random kitchen experiments, whereabouts, fashion trends, reads and everything nice (sounds enticing?).

And sooo yeah, I’m not a snob so you can say hi and ask if you wanna know more 🙂


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